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Morning Flow
9-10:15 am
with Robyn*





Evening Flow
7:30-8:45 pm
with Robyn*


* Drop-ins: $20/class  
Please check website on snow days for any other cancelations before coming to class.
Class Descriptions

Morning Flow Yoga:
Our signature mixed-levels vinyasa classes move in a continuous slow flow with a focus on improving balance, alignment and posture. These carefully sequenced classes, linking breath to movement, are appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced students. Each class combines dynamic breath work, movement, and deep holds while in postures. Students  will gain flexibility, as well as tone the whole body and build core strength. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and energized, with an overall sense of well-being. These classes with Robyn or Heidi will allow students to deepen and challenge their practice by exploring new ways to open the body, turn up the internal heat, and wake up the mind. We will also practice pranayama in some of these classes, many of which are themed (hips, twisting, backbending, etc.) Each class is different so come explore with us!

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow:
Traditonal Hatha flow yoga classes include standing and seated postures appropriate for all levels,  including beginners. These classes , which flow from one pose to the next, will help tone, stretch, and strengthen the body and mind. You will leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Energy Flow:  This class will incorporate Sun Salutations and a flow practice to help you energize for the day and weekend.  All levels are welcome. Come join us!

Quiet Mind Yoga: There are many techniques that yogis and yoginis can use to reach deep levels of peace and relaxation. This class may feature deep breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, and/or some restorative postures. This is class is perfect for anyone seeking deep relaxation and meditation. 

Gentle Hatha Flow: For those looking for a gentler Hatha flow class, this is the place for you! These classes will slow things down and are perfect for all levels, including beginners or those with injuries. Pregnant women are welcome.

Yoga Fit & Flow: In these classes, Heidi White will utilize her personal training experience to combine strength training with Sun Salutations and standing poses. Students will work on various exercises using light free weights to strengthen and tone the muscles while practicing yoga breathing and movement. This is the perfect opportunity to get your yoga and strength training accomplished in one full body workout!!!

Yoga Basics: This class is a great place to start as well as a great place to continue! This class works on building poses from the ground up, strengthening and stretching all of the major muscle groups. Start where you are! Beginners and never-everers are welcome.

Yoga Core & More: In this class we will work on releasing muscular tension, regaining flexibility and building up core strength. We will work on flexibility with mat stretches and standing
postures and core strength will build as we root to rise. This class is suitable for ALL levels, including athletes, beginners, experienced practitioners and those recovering from

Karma community class: Taught by student teachers, community yoga is a basic yoga flow class geared to all levels. It is our lowest priced option at only $10 a class (EXACT CHANGE, CASH ONLY for drop-ins. All class cards also accepted!!!!) All proceeds donated to local charities.

Dinner Flow: These classes will include a flowing practice (vinyasa), breath work and posture holds. You will leave feeling calm and de-stressed. This class is appropriate for all levels and a great place for beginners. The perfect way to relax into the evening!
If you are still unsure which class is right for you, please call 781-784-4848. 

Sign up Classes

Prenatal Yoga*:
Class series now on hiatus.

Cost: $120. This series is by preregistration only and we must receive session payment one week prior to the start date to ensure enough enrollment to run the series. If you wish to join while session is in progress, please call us and we can prorate you.  This class is specifically designed for women preparing to give birth. Classes will include stretching, breath work and traditional Hatha yoga postures modified for the pregnant body. Our teacher, Michelle Connolly, is a obstetrics nurse, childbirth educator and certified Hatha yoga instructor (see bio). Come to classes prepared to stretch, breathe, de-stress, have fun. Also come armed with childbirth questions for Michelle! Please call the studio to sign up OR send an email to and pay online below.  *Please note: there are no makeups, refunds or credits for this class series.   

Wednesdays 5-6 pm
 Go to to learn more or call 781-784-4848 to sign up. You will be prorated for joining the session after the start date.

Yoga Basics (AKA Yoga 101):
This class is a great place to start; the perfect class series for those who want to learn the "basics" of yoga asanas. This class works on building poses from the ground up, strengthening and stretching all of the major muscle groups. Start where you are! Beginners and never-everers are welcome. This class is also great for those recovering from injuries

*Due to the small numbers for each of these class series and the high level of personal instruction, there are no makeups available.  For optimum flexibility, we also offer drop-in classes so please choose your classes wisely.  














































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